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Freehold Surveys Bristol

What is a Freehold Reversion or Freehold Survey?

This is the legal term to describe the situation when a leased property reverts back to the original owner because the lease has expired.

Freehold Surveyors in Bristol

The freehold property owner has the authority to sell their freehold reversions to developers who typically build sub-divisions. Conversely, the tenant has the ability to buy their freehold lease.

Get Expert Freehold Survey Advice Before You Buy Your Freehold Reversion

The team at Southwest Housesurveys offers property evaluation services including lease extensions, freehold valuations and property valuation consultancy.

If you live in a leasehold property and you have the opportunity to buy the freehold, then we can explain the necessary steps and criteria for you to achieve this goal.

Be Free of Your Lease

With leasehold residential properties, typically flats, in order to buy the freehold everyone must agree to participate. The term for this process is “Collective Enfranchisement.” This is the process of freeing yourself from the lease and every application is unique.

How Can a Chartered Freehold Surveyor Help?

We can save you time and money during the enfranchisement process by providing expert professional valuation services and consultancy in relation to the condition of the property.

We provide a detailed report and final property valuation. We are also able to assist you during negotiations.

It’s always prudent to get independent, professional advice and services from experienced Chartered Surveyors as part your plan to free yourself from a freehold lease.

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