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Valuation Surveys Bristol

Southwest Housesurveys has more than 30 years experience in conducting pre-purchase property surveys for residential and commercial buyers.

We aim to provide a personal and professional service that is efficient and affordable.

We will endeavour to conduct the valuation survey within 3 days of a signed service contract and we will also complete your comprehensive property valuation report within 7 days of the actual inspection.

2 Types Of Valuation Surveys

Every client will receive detailed advise on the condition of the property so that they can make an informed decision as to whether to invest or not.

Valuation Surveys For Properties in Reasonable Condition

The Homebuyers Survey is an affordable valuation service that offers residential homebuyers a succinct inspection report and valuation.

Valuation For Properties Needing a Structural Inspection

When the property’s age, condition and location are material to the decision-making, then we recommend that a Building Survey be conducted. This is a comprehensive, structural inspection, using survey equipment and often sourcing subject-matter-experts – collectively executing a very detailed technical inspection, report and valuation.

Expert Valuation Surveys For Properties in Bristol

Residential Property Valuations

Residential surveys and valuations are very important ways in which surveyors supply vital support to anybody who owns or is involved in a transaction of ownership of property.

The advice provided on the housing market and the condition of a property from a competent source can help you make a well-informed decision about what can be potentially high risk purchases and investments.

Services for Commercial or Industrial Property Valuations

Chartered surveyors provide a number of important services related to the buying, selling, management and leasing of commercial and business premises.

Vital Advice to Lenders

Chartered surveyors also provide vital advice to lenders for valuation purposes.

Benefits of a Valuation Survey

  • Independent data and report from an experienced professional
  • Enabling the buyer to make an informed decision
  • Evidence of major or minor defects before purchase
  • Ability to negotiate with the seller based on fact
  • No surprises post-purchase
  • A course of action if there are drawbacks
  • Report prepared by a skilled professional in the areas of land, property and construction
  • A simple process to commission your own valuation survey

Southwest Housesurveys, chartered surveyors serve the needs of residential, industrial and commercial property buyers, sellers and lenders.

Please contact our office to discuss the particulars of your pre-purchase property.

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