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Home Condition Report Bristol

Southwest Housesurveys, chartered surveyors, understand the significance of investing in a new home. The best way for you to reach an informed decision on your future investment is to engage the services of a home surveyor to document an independent home condition report.

Even if you have mortgage valuation report, you should compliment it with your own, commissioned Home Condition Report. The mortgage report is for the lender, whereas the Home Condition Report is for you – the buyer.

Home Condition Reports

This service is for buyers considering a conventional house, flat or bungalow that is deemed to be in reasonable condition.

The Homebuyer Service offers clients –

  1. The ability to make an informed decision on whether to proceed forward with the transaction.
  2. An objective assessment of the offer price – reasonable or unreasonable.
  3. Ability to assess urgent matters before finalising the transaction.
  4. A focus on the essentials that would impact the valuation.
  5. A report that is prepared in plain English to RICS standard format.

Home Condition Report Services in Bristol

The team at Southwest Housesurveys also offers a professional opinion on particular features of the property that could impact the current valuation, or impact the future re-sale valuation.

We represent your best interests and therefore takes into consideration any particular concerns your may have about the property. The inspection is therefore tailored somewhat to your specific requirements, or areas of interest.

Inspection, Valuation, Report and Actions Arising

Southwest Housesurveys can help you beyond the home inspection, valuation and reporting stage. We can offer further assistance, under contract, by recommending, or organising additional home service providers to fix minor repairs before, or after purchase.

You can feel secure with the knowledge that we will provide you with an affordable, comprehensive Home Condition Report to support your decision-making process.

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