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Chartered Surveyors - Building Surveys, House Surveys Property Surveys by Robert White Associates

Robert White Associates are a Bristol based Chartered Building surveyors covering the Bristol, Bath, Chipping Sodbury, Gloucester, Cheltenham and Swindon areas. Robert White MRICS is a RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) member.

Robert has more than 30 years experience in conducting pre-purchase property surveys of residential and commercial property.

We aim to provide a swift, personal service, to inspect a property within 3 days of being instructed and submit reports written in plain English within a week.

We can carry out the Homebuyer Survey and Valuation Service on most properties, or the more detailed Structural Property Inspection also known as a Building Survey on properties that are old or have been altered, or Limited Inspections to discuss specific defects.  Please refer to the attached web-pages for details of the type of surveys available and how to select the appropriate type for your proposed purchase.

Fees are by prior agreement, based upon the size, age and location of the property. 

Fees quoted are fixed, include vat and are not subject to the addition of extras.  We will make the inspection as soon as possible and your report will be released on receipt of your payment.


We Cover The Following Areas: North Somerset, Bristol, Glouscestershire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire (southern area) and South Wales - Gwent, South Glamorgan Mid Glamorgan and Monmouthshire (southern area). 


Why Have a Survey? Your mortgage lender will commission a valuation, a copy of which is likely to be made available to you, but it is only a valuation to ensure that the loan is adequately secured upon the house, it is not a condition survey.

Sadly, many people take more care buying a used car than buying a house.  They will check the log book and the service history, take it for a test drive, most likely be covered by a 12 month warranty and take out a finance agreement for a year or three.  By comparison, most mortgages are for terms of up to 25 years, a house will not be covered by a warranty, it will require regular maintenance to keep it in good condition and many houses will require initial expenditure soon after purchase to put right existing defects. There is no recourse to the purchaser is defects come to light and in some cases the property will be uninhabitable while repairs & improvements are undertaken.

Can You Answer The Following 10 Questions?

  1. Are the cracks in the front wall normal thermal cracking that can be ignored, or do they indicate structural movement?
  2. The trees look great, but are they likely to affect the foundations?
  3. Will you be liable if they damage the neighbour’s house?
  4. Is the damp stain on the dining room wall rising damp, dry rot, or only a tea-stain?
  5. So the house has white plastic lights and sockets, but is the cabling potentially dangerous two-core, or has it been botched in the loft?
  6. Does the boiler work, are the radiators large enough, are they falling off the walls, is there a suitable expansion cistern?
  7. The wood windows look good, but has the vendor filled the rot and painted it over?
  8. Many old houses have been re-roofed, but have the new (heavier) concrete tiles over-loaded the old roof structure, causing it to become unsound?
  9. Do the drains work, or are they blocked?
  10. The old ceilings are cracked, but do they need replacing?
Free Survey Guide
Choosing a Survey
Making an informed decision about whether or not to invest in a tthe purchase of a particular property is important to avoid future heartache and problems and to increase your chances of being happy with your new home. Having a professional survey and valuation of the property which interests you can be a very wide investment in itself. Find out more about choosing a survey here.
Building Surveys
Receive detailed advice upon the condition of a property, and main structural aspects of a house having due regard to its age, character and location. These are ofetn more appropriate for older proiperties, properties of unusual or unconventional materials or more individual and less standard constructions and / or properties that have been extended, added to, or significantly altered over time. Find out about Building Surveys here.
Homebuyer Surveys
The Homebuyer and Valuation Service focuses on the general condition of a property and the particular features which affect its present value and may affect its future resale. Find out about Homebuyer Surveys here.
ROBERT WHITE ASSOCIATES (Chartered Surveyors), Mill Lodge, Mill Crescent , Westerleigh,
Bristol BS37 8QS

Call us now on your local number or send an e-mail with your requirements

We are available from 8.00am to 8.00pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am to 5.00pm weekends.
Can you afford to take the risk? Can you afford NOT to have a survey?

Remember, to make a really informed decision on such a large an important investment as a home is importnat to have a professional survey of the property . Before you decide to go ahead and commit yourself legally, you can help to minimise the risks by asking a qualified surveyor to help you to answer important bur basic questions like:

  • Is the agreed price reasonable?
  • Are there drawbacks I don't know about?
  • If so, what do I need to do about them?

Commissioning your own survey is the simple, economical way to avoid unpleasant and perhaps very costly surprises after moving in. In some cases the surveyor's report may enable you to renegotiate the price. Even if you are seeking a mortgage and may be paying for a Mortgage Valuation report it is still advisable and prudent to arrange a survey by your own surveyor. The Consumers' Association Which? magazine and the Council of Mortgage Lenders both give this advice. The reason is that a Mortgage Valuation report is prepared for the lender and not for you, the borrower. The report answers only the lender's questions concerning the appropriate security for the loan and will be unlikely to give you the more detailed information that you may need about the condition of the property and any underlying problems and potential risks further down the line.

RICS members also offer surveys which are specifically designed to help homebuyers: A Building Survey is suitable for all residential properties and, property inspections provides a full picture of their construction and condition.

Need a Chartered surveyor?

Robert White Associates are Chartered Building Surveyors. Although based in Bristol Robert White Associates also cover areas including, Chipping Sodbury, Gloucester, Cheltenham and Swindon.

Robert White MRICS is a RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) member with more than over 30 years experience in conducting pre-purchase property surveys.

Some of the important services that Robert White Associates provide include surveying services for residential and commercial properties. These include pre-purchase and structural / building surveys.

Why Choose a Chartered Surveyor?

Chartered Surveyor is a term applied to a profession where the professional has a broad range of skills and knowledge based around 3 main areas of land, property and construction and there are different types of surveyors within these areas. As a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) a Chartered Surveyor has a relevant / approved degree in the first place, and worked in their surveyor’s job to achieve the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC). Passing this important professional qualification takes years (at least 2 years training), demonstrates proof of professional integrity, shows that the surveyor’s work is regulated by a professional organisation, and allows the surveyor to then use the MRICS (Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) after their name.

By engaging the services of a Chartered Surveyor you are therefore choosing a person who meets the minimum academic standards for chartership, and has demonstrated dedication to lifelong learning, professional practice, accountability and ethics. The work and study involved in achieving this qualification means that you are also likely to be choosing a person who has a good level of experience and knowledge in matters relating to land, property and construction.

A Chartered Surveyor can assess the value and condition of a physical property such as a house or a construction project. They can also help to plan the creation of a new development, give advice on obtaining planning permission, renovating a property, or many environmental issues. Chartered Surveyors have property expertise and experience in dealing local authorities.

Taking these things into account you may therefore decide that when it comes to matters relating to what may well be your most important and expensive investment (your house or property) it would be beneficial to get a professional opinion from somebody who can conduct a thorough investigation and give you high quality advice. A Surveyor may also have access to information, and services, and have the experience to look at the evidence before them in a way that you may not.

Using the Services of a Chartered Surveyor for Residential Properties

Residential surveys and valuations are very important ways in which Surveyors supply vital support to anybody who owns or is involved in a transaction of ownership of property. The advice provided on the housing market and the condition of a property from a competent source can help people to make well informed decisions about what can be potentially high risk purchases and investments.
Chartered surveyors also provide vital advice to lenders for valuation purposes.

Using the Services of a Chartered Surveyor for Commercial Properties

Chartered Surveyors also provide a number of important services related to the buying, selling, management and leasing of commercial / business premises. They also play a role in landlord and tenant negotiations. Besides providing valuations of commercial land and buildings Surveyors can also help with the management of commercial property portfolios.


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